Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pumpkin Kitchari - fall cleansing continues!

Nanette here - since the start of the Autumn Equinox and that last mega full moon we've had, i've been on an all round cleanse.  Multi faceted...I purged my closet and my bookshelves, i've meditated on and taken small steps towards changing old thought patterns and opening up new ones, and I coincided this all with a food type cleanse.

 I signed up for an Ayurvedic Cleanse with the folks over at the very awesome East Side Yoga - 15 days, follwing some Ayurvedic principals of cleansing including oil massage, meditation, gently yoga, and mindful clean food choices based on ayurvedic prinicpals too deatailed for this post.  The first 5 days were a straight up mono diet of Kitchari - split yellow mung beans, white basmati rice & spices.  I LOVE Kitchari so this was easy peasy. What was different for me was eating it for 3 meals a day and eating it plain with no veggies.  It was relaxing, delicious, it rested my mind from choices, gave my digestive system a break and all all round sense of peace surrounded me.

 When those 5 days are up, we move onto 10 days of whole food, seasonal, foods. I however still wanted kitchari, but I also am craving the tastes and colors of fall so BEHOLD! I found this absolutely amazing Vegan Pumpkin Kitchari recipe - i have made it twice now.  And i totally forgot to take pics both times.  FYI i don't have cinnamon bark so just put in some ground cinnamon, and the first time i didn't have cardamom pods so used that in powder form too.  Just wing it people!

Let me know how YOU like to celebrate fall - fave fall recipes, rituals, events.... bring it on!

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